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Multiscale Thermal Characterization of Mechanically Loaded Ceramic Matrix Composite

J. El Yagoubi , J. Lamon , J. Batsale , J. Dhote , M. Le Flem
Experimental Mechanics, 2015, 55 (4), pp.783 - 794. ⟨10.1007/s11340-014-9976-x⟩
Journal articles hal-01695539v1

Substituent effect on the interaction of aromatic primary amines and diamines with supercritical CO2 from infrared spectroscopy and quantum calculations

Baptiste Farbos , Thierry Tassaing
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2009, 11 (25), pp.5052. ⟨10.1039/b818956k⟩
Journal articles istex hal-03124674v1

Dynamique et Impact des Perturbateurs endocriniens et des composés Pharmaceutiques issus des élevages agricoles. Rapport final.

Guillermina Hernandez-Raquet , P. Dabert , Patrick Balaguer , H. Budzinski , Christian Mougin , et al.
[Rapport de recherche] ADEME. 2011, 129 p
Reports hal-03280877v1

Explicitly correlated treatment of the Ar–NO + cation

Philippe Halvick , Thierry Stoecklin , François Lique , Majdi Hochlaf
Journal of Chemical Physics, 2011, 135 (4), pp.044312. ⟨10.1063/1.3614502⟩
Journal articles hal-03047244v1

Flow in a fracture: the contact under load of fractal surfaces

Christophe Vallet , Didier Lasseux , Philippe Sainsot , H. Zahouani , Jean-François Rit
Other publications hal-00450204v1

Sonde à fibre optique pour la spectroscopie de corrélation de fluorescence : l'analyse des dynamiques de fluorescence devient portable

Jérôme Wenger , H. Aouani , M. Milutinovic , F. Deiss , Patrick Ferrand , et al.
Spectra Analyse, 2010, 275, pp.43-47
Journal articles hal-00523608v1

Effect of head-only exposure to GSM-900 MHz on BBB permeability and neuronal degeneration

Florence Poulletier de Gannes , Bernard Bilaudel , Murielle Taxile , Emmanuelle Haro , Gilles Ruffie , et al.
Radiation Research, 2009, 172 (3), pp.359-367
Journal articles hal-00480389v1

Seasonal variations of hydrophobic organic contaminant concentrations in the water-column of the Seine Estuary and their transfer on a planktonic species Eurytemora affinis (Calanoïda, copepoda). Part1: PCBSs and PAHs

K. Cailleaud , J. Forget-Leray , Sami Souissi , D. Hilde , K. Lemenach , et al.
Chemosphere, 2007, 2 (70), pp.270-280
Journal articles hal-00481527v1

Evaluation of the potential genotoxic effects of rTMS on the rat brain and current density mapping

R. Charlet de Sauvage , I. Lagroye , B. Billaudel , B. Veyret
Clinical Neurophysiology, 2008, 119, pp.482-491
Journal articles hal-00318816v1

Effect of EDGE and UMTS signals on the viability of rat primary neuronal cells

F. Poulletier de Gannes , A. Hurtier , M. Taxile , E. Haro , G. Ruffie , et al.
Thirty Annual Technical Meeting of the Bioelectromagnetics Society, Jun 2008, San Diego, United States
Conference papers hal-00319520v1

Experimental Soret coefficients of multicomponent hydrocarbons : towards mixing rules ?

Van S. Vaerenbergh , Michel Luhmer , Quentin Galand , Carlos Iori , Ziad Saghir , et al.
18th European Conference on Thermophysical Properties, Aug 2008, Pau, France. pp.1
Conference papers hal-00369828v1

Pi-conjugated (co)polymers for organic electronics

Laurence Vignau , Eric Cloutet , H. Cramail , Roger C. Hiorns , M. Urien , et al.
International Conference on Functional Advanced Polymer Materials: Synthesis and Applications, Jul 2008, Taipei, Taiwan
Conference papers hal-00415527v1

Field-effect transistor based on poly(3-hexylthiophene): effect of impurities

Mathieu Urien , Guillaume Wantz , Eric Cloutet , Laurence Vignau , Pascal Tardy , et al.
International Conference on Organic Electronic (ICOE), Jun 2007, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Conference papers hal-00415566v1

Impact of the material variability on the stamping process: numerical and analytical analysis

Yann Ledoux , Alain Sergent , Robert Arrieux
The 9th Int. Conference on Numerical Methods in Industrial Forming Processes, Jun 2007, Porto, Portugal
Conference papers hal-00334286v1

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Acid Gas Mixtures: A Comparison between Several Approximations

Guillaume Galliero , C. Nieto-Draghi , Christian Boned , J.B. Avalos , A.D. Mackie , et al.
Thermodynamics 2007, Sep 2007, Rueil Malmaison, France. pp.71-89, ⟨10.1021/ie061616l⟩
Conference papers hal-00357721v1

Non-Isothermal gravitational segregation by molecular dynamics simulations

Guillaume Galliero , François Montel
8th International Meeting on Thermodiffusion, Jun 2008, Bonn, Germany. pp.291-298
Conference papers hal-00357729v1

New theoretical model for thermal diffusion : prigogine's approach revisited

P.A. Artola , B. Rousseau , Guillaume Galliero
8th International Meeting on Thermodiffusion, Jun 2008, Bonn, Germany. pp.227-282
Conference papers hal-00357733v1

New insights on thermodiffusion in non-polar mixtures using molecular dynamics simulations

Guillaume Galliero
18th European Conference on Thermophysical Properties, Aug 2008, PAU, France. pp.1
Conference papers hal-00357736v1

Effects of radiofrequency fields on young animals: WiFi signal exposure effects on immature immune and nervous systems (ERYA project)

S. Aït-Aïssa , B. Billaudel , F. Poulletier de Gannes , G. Ruffie , S. Duleu , et al.
Thirty-one Annual Technical Meeting of the Bioelectromagnetics Society, Jun 2009, Davos, Switzerland
Conference papers hal-00420979v1

Immunopurification of small organic compounds in complexe media. First step : a new strategy of antibodies production using chemical derivatization. Application to histamine analysis in blood sample

O. Trambouze-Vandenabeele , O. Lagrille , M. Geffard , M. Clayes-Bruno
1st International Symposium on Biomolecules and Related Compounds (ISB), Mar 2005, Montpellier, France
Conference papers hal-00400844v1

Design and construction of a portable Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) apparatus for migraine treatment

R. Charlet de Sauvage , A. Beuter , I. Lagroye , B. Veyret
Journal Medical Devices, 2010, 4 (1), pp.015001-015006. ⟨10.1115/1.4000616⟩
Journal articles hal-00370470v1

Gene expression changes in human cells after exposure to mobile phone microwaves

D. Remondini , R. Nylund , J. Reivinen , F. Poulletier de Gannes , B. Veyret , et al.
Proteomics, 2006, 6 (17), pp.4745-4754
Journal articles hal-00161025v1

Exposure to AC and DC magnetic fields induces changes in 5-HT1B receptor binding parameters in rat brain membranes

J.M. Espinosa , M. Liberti , I. Lagroye , B. Veyret
Bioelectromagnetics, 2006, 27 (5), pp.414-422
Journal articles hal-00161045v1

Biological roles of the calcium ion

B. Veyret
2nd School on bioelectromagnetics., Nov 2006, Erice, Italy
Conference papers hal-00161294v1

The knowledge in bioelectromagnetics

B. Veyret
Bioelectromagnetics Workshop., Sep 2006, Aalborg, Denmark
Conference papers hal-00161301v1

study of frequency tunable resonators based on ferroelectrics materials

Hatem Rmili , Jean-Louis Miane , François Demontoux , Valerie Vigneras
ICONIC 2005 - Barcelona - spain, Jun 2005, Spain. pp.10
Conference papers hal-00264771v1

Assessing the Contamination Potential of Freshly Extracted Escherichia coli Biofilm Cells by Impedancemetry

R. Caubet , F. Pedarros-Caubet , Y. Quataert , A. Lescure , J.M. Moreau , et al.
Microbial ecology, 2006, 52, pp.239-243
Journal articles hal-00164561v1

A microenvironment-induced myeloproliferative syndrome caused by retinoic acid receptor gamma deficiency.

Carl R Walkley , Gemma Haines Olsen , Sebastian Dworkin , Stewart A Fabb , Jeremy Swann , et al.
Cell, 2007, 129 (6), pp.1097-110. ⟨10.1016/j.cell.2007.05.014⟩
Journal articles hal-00166246v1

Table Ronde : Ondes et rayonnements : effets cellulaires. Effets des radiofréquences in vitro et in vivo sur la peau

Sébastien Sanchez , B. Veyret , I. Lagroye
89e Congrès de l'Association des morphologistes, Jun 2007, Limoges, France. pp.81
Conference papers hal-00216887v1

Validity Domains of Beams Behavioural Models: Efficiency and Reduction with Artificial Neural Networks

Keny Ordaz-Hernandez , Xavier Fischer , Fouad Bennis
International Journal of Computational Intelligence, 2007, 4 (1), pp.80--87
Journal articles hal-00173989v1