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The Advanced Master in Railway Engineering and Urban Transport Systems was created in 2008 to make up for the shortage of railway experts for RATP, SNCF Alstom, Bombardier, Siemens, etc. This training course provides an overview of the railway and urban system, using a multidisciplinary approach, with technical, economic and regulatory angles. It is aimed at professionals with several years of experience in transport. Students learn how to design, operate and maintain the various guided transport systems, including trains, subways, trams and BRT, as well as their infrastructure. A particular emphasis is placed on mass-transit since rapid urbanization makes the use of high-capacity means of transport essential to cope with congestion and pollution.

Nearly 160 professionals teach and supervise students on collective projects. Indeed, the training course is based on several major projects: the design of an infrastructure, the design of a signalling plan and the design of a rolling stock. The latter happens to be the design project for a new international transport system, the summaries of which you can read in this publication.

The Advanced Master gives students the title of “International Experts in Railway and Urban Transport Systems”. In the same class there are: design or maintenance engineers, operating or signalling experts, systems engineers, economists, project managers. Today, the alumni form a network of 350 students, in more than 20 countries. The value of this network lies in the variety of student profiles and experiences. Many of them are involved in teaching and organizing visits or study tours, which also contribute to the vitality of the Advanced Master and its international reputation.


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